i2N Deliver Digital Court Solution for HS2

18 Feb 2015

i2N Deliver Digital Court Solution for HS2

In late, 2013, HS2 started the process of procuring an IT system to manage the process.   i2N was selected in January 2014, with the requirement to have a system live for the first Select Committee hearings in July 2014.  The system was delivered on time and within budget.

The system is used to store digital evidence associated with each petition (mostly documents, photos, maps and drawings).  HS2 staff load relevant information into the system, which also creates “bundles” of evidence that are collated and published to a system that is accessed from the Select Committee Room.

i2N also provided hardware to allow evidence to be displayed simultaneously on screens around the Committee Room.  Each committee member has an individual screen – and large screens are provided for the public attendees.   Tablet access is also provided for committee members and HS2 staff. 

The system is Cloud-hosted and can be accessed from HS2 offices and from the Select Committee Room in the House of Commons.

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