Interventions Manager

Interventions Manager system is designed to reduce recidivism amongst people with convictions, whilst at the same time delivering significant savings through optimal use of resources. The system collectively schedules, manages, tracks and reports interventions and offers a single view of all intervention activity with national statistics and reporting capabilities. Read more +

Interventions Manager Interventions Manager Interventions Manager Interventions Manager

Media Manager

Media Manager is a video and audio recording and storage system designed to allow users to record their group work, or one to one sessions on a secured device. Our Solution converts physical recording to a digital one held in a cloud based central repository,coming with a host of benefits such as the automatic transfer and instant playback to ensure there is no missing data. Read more +

Media Manager

Evidence Manager

Evidence Manager provides a single repository for organisations looking to store a large volume of digital material securely and efficiently, ready for selection. Users have the ability to edit, bundle and publish the digital material. Read more +

Education Manager

Education Manager from i2N supports the rehabilitation process by providing a comprehensive learning environment for people in the secure estate. Education Manager gives students in the secure estate managed access to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and (optionally) Gmail, so they have access to state of the art software to enable them to complete their assignments live in the classroom, or later in their own rooms. Read more +

Education Manager Education Manager Education Manager

Hearings Manager

Operating in the Palace of Westminster since 2014, Hearings Manager is an open source product enabling the switch to full electronic presentation of Documents, Maps, Plans, Images, Audio and Video Recordings. It has been designed to fully support Hearings, Tribunals, Courts and any other environment where the display of material has to be controlled and audited. Read more +

Hearings Manager Hearings Manager Hearings Manager

Case Management Platform

A Case Management Platform that offers a flexible, interactive and secure component based system to enable rapid development and deployment of Case Management Systems. Read more +

Case Management Platform Case Management Platform

Body Worn Video Manager

Body Worn Video Manager is designed to capture, upload, manage and share video and sound recordings from all cameras across an organisation, and to load them securely into i2N’s Evidence Manager repository, ensuring security of the evidential chain. Read more +

Body Worn Video

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